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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance covers loss and damage to dwellings and or property caused by a flood. There are different policies for buildings and personal property contained within buildings.

If you currently live, or are going to purchase a home, in an area which has been declared “high-risk for flooding”, then you’ll certainly want flood insurance.

Premiums for low risk Flood areas are very affordable and can be as low as $23 month.

Low risk flood areas are in the following flood zones B-C-X.

$250,000 for Dwelling and $100,000 for personal property is as low as $37 month for low risk flood areas.

Flood is one of the most damaging disasters for anyone to go through, as little as 5 inches of water inside your home can cost upwards up $50,000 to repair.

Protect your home and personal property from the damages caused by flood waters Get a Free flood quote today.

Flood elevation certificates may not be required in high risk flood areas, contact your agent for a quote, an agent will inform you if an elevation certificate is needed.

Brazoria County had more than 12,000 homes affected by flooding from hurricane Harvey, many of those did not have flood insurance, FEMA was able to help some, in many cases the funds were not enough to repair the damage caused by flooding. The NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) can be purchased from your insurance agent, in some cases you may qualify for Private Flood Insurance with higher limits and lower premiums. Contact your insurance agent to receive a Free quote and become better informed concerning flood coverage.